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Meetings suspended
Frustratin' ain't it? I mean there you are with a ton an a 'arf of witty words and stupend'us aphorisms, when all of a sudden like, bam! End of the World. Line up for yer body-bags. No toilet rolls for you son! Nobody thinks of the writers. It's a crime against 'umanity. All pull together they say. National Emergency they say. All be hermits they say. I've been self-isolating for years, and don't try to tell me anything about social distancing (friends come and go, enemies are for life) but now it appears anyone can be a neurotic, depressive, loner fighting their inner demons. What was the special niche for us writers is suddenly flooded by millions of ordinary people who have never howled at the moon in their life! Their creativity is probably exhausted by filling in the pools coupon or wallpapering the dining-room. Life is certainly unfair.
Chelmsford Writers Group

Writing since 1985.
Read, share, learn
Small, monthly forum
All genres and experience

On the First Wednesday of each month about a dozen writers, from novice to hardened, meet at 7:30pm in the Methodist Church hall in Hall Street. The object is to read our work and get feedback. Just come and listen if you want.
Novelists, journalists, short-story writers, poets, non-fiction -- Womens magazines, Science Fiction, historical, young adult, crime, domestic drama to travel. Come and share ideas and experience.
Whatever your ambition, it can be satisfying to see your work published. Read some here. The publishing process is a fraught and uncertain trail. Just getting to that stage is a lot of hard work and editing after feedback.
There's email discussions and mentoring.

We're hoping to run some events in the next year.

The main business of the evening is reading our work, getting and giving feedback. We chat over tea-break and discuss any general or specific aspects of writing of interest. We usually start on time and go on to between 9:30 and 10pm. There's no charge for the first session, thereafter £1.50.

First time readers have nothing to fear, and we're always interested in new voices. If you're working on a novel then page one is going to be the most worthwhile. If you're working on a non-fiction book then the introduction or synopsis is usually the bit that gets most attention.

The nearest car park (4 mins walk) is on the south side of Parkway between the Odeon Roundabout and Moulsham Street.

The samples here tend to be shorter than average. Enjoy the variety.
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